Paint Dragging

Paint dragging is one of the most useful and versatile paint techniques which can be used to add texture to your walls without appearing overpowering.
Dragging is a faux painting technique that produces thin, vertical stripes on your wall and works best on wood paneling or a smooth wall surface.

Generally, dragging involves two basic steps:
1. Paint your base coat colour onto your walls and allow to dry
2. Now paint over your base coat with a different paint colour (your topcoat / glaze) and then drag a paint brush over the freshly painted surface to slightly reveal the base coat color.

For a subtle dragging effect, use similar colours – for a more dramatic dragging effect, use colours that are further apart on the color wheel.

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If your walls appear flat and uninteresting this technique could be your answer. S.A Professional Builders and Projects are experts at paint dragging making it extremely easy for us to add texture to your walls.

Should you require a quote or if you need further information about paint dragging (or any other faux painting techniques), please feel free to contact us.

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