Suede Painting

This painting technique is a popular form of decorative painting that will instantly add an air of elegance to your room. Did you know that suede paint has become one of the most sought after faux finishes in recent years? Part of its appeal is that suede painting works beautifully in almost any living space, from bedrooms to living rooms and offices.

Suede PaintSuede PaintingSuede Painting Technique

Suede painting is a unique painting technique which, as its name implies, creates the illusion of a suede covered wall. Suede paint provides a velvety appearance, and adds depth and dimension to any room.

f your walls appear flat and uninteresting suede paint could be your answer. S.A Professional Builders and Projects are experts at using this suede paint technique making it extremely easy for us to transform your walls with a suede makeover!
We will also guide and assist you in choosing the correct suede paint colours if needed.

Should you require a quote or if you need further information about suede painting (or any other decorative painting techniques), please feel free to contact us.

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